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Curl up under a warm blanket and learn all about the science of ice! Ice isn’t just for ice tea–you can also make beautiful hotels and amazing shipping piers from it. And do you think scientists should create more mammoths? What would happen if they did? Learn about the super-summers on Pluto and make ice marbles and apple crisp. Have new year’s resolutions? Learn to be S.M.A.R.T. And we’ve got both Winnie and Quantum X adventures — you don’t want to miss this issue!

December/Nov 2017

In this super-sized issue, Outfox says “hello” from space — one of the favourite topics of our readers. We ask a number of Outfoxers what they celebrate in December: turns out there is a lot of Christmas plus many other holidays happening in December! Together we make snowglobes and learn about the yechy history of germs. Eeewwww! Plus we learn about the superpowers of the beautiful lynx while learning about how the tilt of the Earth makes seasons possible. What a month and what an issue!

October 2017

October issue includes lots about the second-biggest holiday in the year: Halloween. We have safety tips, the history of Halloween, and what to do if Halloween makes you fearful. Plus, in kitchen science, we talk about eating bugs . . . YUM!