Outfox Magazine

An Excellent Resource for ASD Kids Aged 8-13 Years

OUTFOX MAGAZINE is the only magazine that is custom-created to serve autistic kids cognitively aged between 8 and 13. Each issue celebrates, encourages, and inspires ASD kids to be all they can be. It includes entertaining feature articles which support kids with the social, organizational, and behavioural challenges that come with the condition – it does all this subtly, without sacrificing the cool and the fun! Outfox Magazine contains all the fun, facts, jokes, puzzles, and activities that all kids love, entertaining while it supports and informs. Your kids will challenge you with all the new cool facts they’ll learn through articles, quizzes, and interviews.

Monthly features include the ASD Superstar which is a person on the spectrum who is comfortable with their skin and has learned to love and accept themselves. They offer great words of advice to encourage other kids with autism to never give up on the dreams. The Peer Q & A features autistic kids, most of whom are just a bit older than Outfox readers, who answer readers’ questions, giving advice based on their lived experience as ASD youth.


Outfox Magazine is designed for ASD children with
cognitive age between 8 – 13 years.
Outfox is highly visual, nurturing, and fun
with lots of fun facts, puzzles and jokes.

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All Kids Will Love Outfox!

Outfox Magazine is created for girls and boys with autism, but that doesn’t mean that other kids won’t love it. Kids with similar conditions like ADHD, ADD, ODD, SPD, and FAS will also find that the encouragement towards appropriate behaviours, anxiety management techniques, and celebrations of differences supportive.

Neurotypical kids will see that autistic kids are more like them than they think – neurodiversity needs all people to understand and accept differences.

Plus, which kid doesn’t like jokes, puzzles, and comics? In Outfox, they’ll find plenty! They will find lots of cutting-edge science and technology, cool facts, and activities that they will enjoy month after month.


Each month in Outfox Magazine you will find:

  • ASD Superstar – role models with autism describe their challenges and successes
  • FutureTech – cutting-edge science and technology
  • Gaming News – the latest news for all the MLGs out there
  • The Amazing Brain – our neurodiversity spotlight
  • Animal Superstar – diversity of talents in the animal kingdom
  • Road to Victory – organizational tips helping ASD kids succeed
  • Quantum X comic – adventures of a cool team who face and succeed in challenges that ASD kids will recognize (created by an ASD writer)
  • Peer Q&A – our peer panel offers great advice to readers’ questions based on
    their lived experience with autism


  • Celebrate You – our readers write, draw, describe their pets, collections, and talents
  • Strange History – where we deconstruct common fears such as elevators, the toothbrush, germs, and vaccinations
  • Kitchen Science – science-based food and cooking articles which to encourage
    healthier choices and encourage flexibility (but nothing wrong with ice cream
    sometimes, is there?!)
  • Poquito – a therapy guinea pig describes his adventures
  • Language development pages (puns, idioms, nonsense poems, limericks)
  • Outerspace with Outfox – space facts, missions, and interviews
  • Last page laughs
  • Plus contests, puzzles, quizzes, and so much more

Celebrate, encourage, and inspire the autistic child in your life with Outfox Magazine! Makes a fantastic birthday or holiday gift – a must-have for library collections and schools. Take out a subscription today!