All About Outfox Magazine

Outfox Magazine is a print publication created for autistic children cognitively aged between 8 and 13 years old. It is produced by the non-profit incorporation CEIDA Media. At CEIDA Media, we are working on children’s books which are written and/or illustrated by autistic youth and adults as well other disability-positive books. Our team includes youth advisors that are on the autism spectrum, a comic artist team that created the first autistic superhero (the author of which is autistic himself), and writers that are committed to helping youth believe in themselves and aspire to their full potentials. 

Our Mission

CEIDA is an acronym of our mission. Our mission is to Celebrate, Encourage, and Inspire Diversity and Acceptance.

Why are Outfox and CEIDA Media necessary?

Some statistics from recent studies highlight why we believe that it is important to combat the seeds of future depressive disorders in children with autism and other disabilities:

  • Approximately 40% of autistics have symptoms of at least one anxiety disorder at any time, compared with up to 15% of the general population
  • 66% of adults newly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrom (a “high functioning” form of autism) reported having contemplated suicide
  • a 2016 study in Sweden concluded that suicide is a leading cause of premature death in people with autism spectrum disorder
  • the unemployment rate for individuals with autism spectrum disorder is over 80% yet over 77% of unemployed autistics say they want to work. Over half of working autistic people said their skills were higher than those their job required
  • worldwide, people with autism spectrum disorder are subject to stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations

CEIDA Media Inc. was founded when one little boy came home and said he hated having autism and called himself stupid. To combat the early onset signs of depression, one mom talked to another who had years of experience with autistic children and a similar amount of experience in the publishing industry. They shared the idea and their vision for the magazine with other autism moms,  teachers, autism specialist, children with autism, and neurotypical children. Through their comments, the founders produced a prototype which was tweaked and revised. By February 2017 the first issue was ready and shared as Outfox Magazine.

Our Vision

We want to see a future where society is more accepting and knowledgeable about all forms of diversity – including neurodiversity. We want to see people comfortable in their own skin; we want to see people reject messaging about what they “should be” like and accept what they ARE like. We want a future where all people have strong connections within their families, their personal relationships, with their schools and with their communities. We want to see autistic and other challenged and vulnerable youth more prepared for the world and able to take care of money management and relationships in the workplace.