Introducing Outfox Columnist, Frances Victory

Autism Resource Book

Preteen and teenage years can be extremely difficult and stressful for everyone. The main goal of the book Road To Victory is to offer guidance so that the reader can develop a strong sense of independence, self-esteem, and self-empowerment. This book offers an easy roadmap so that they can handle all the trials and tribulations along the way! Ultimately, we would like the reader to become an independent advocate for him or herself so they can feel strong, empowered, and able to advocate for their own needs. To know EXACTLY what they need, why they would benefit from it, and how to effectively communicate their needs to others.

Road To Victory reaches this goal by:
  • Including different chapter topics that are important in a preteen and teenager’s life. Common issues that they are facing and that some adults are not only facing but are still having difficulty with. Helping to educate the readers so that he or she becomes knowledgeable about the different topics that play a role in their life, and the variety of available options.


  • Providing reading material AND activities that encourage conversations with caregivers and other adults. This helps individuals strengthen their communication and social skills. The book becomes a tool to help them interact with others and bond with the adults in their life. They can show the adults in their life that they are mature and capable of amazing things! Everyone (adults and the reader) become so proud of their achievements and ability to effectively communicate their needs. The reader also gets to show adults and others – they are mature, growing, and amazing beings. Furthermore, this book gives adults (caregivers, teachers etc.) – something concrete and tangible they can use to work on their preteen or teenager’s social-emotional development.


Autism Advocacy

Ultimately, we hope that this book will help the reader make positive, effective, and healthy choices. They will learn what does and does not work for them. He or she will learn to make the best decisions for themselves. Better than any adult! And with every positive experience and choice they make for themselves, they will develop stronger self-esteem and feel more encouraged to continue to advocate for their needs and become even more amazing and stronger preteens and teenagers!