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Produced by non-profit SOAR Canada 

THE ONLY MAGAZINE CUSTOM-CREATED TO EMPOWER ASD KIDS. Outfox is a quarterly, community-building publication featuring ASD Superstar & Peer Q&A. It is print, mailed to the address of your choice, and its mission is to celebrate, encourage, and inspire autistic kids cognitively aged 8 -13. Outfox promotes neurodiversity and self-acceptance. Outfox Magazine: FACTS, PUZZLES, ACTIVITIES, & JOKES ALL WRAPPED UP IN THE MESSAGE — YOU ARE AWESOME!

There is something for everyone in Outfox! 

Wonderfully thought out to engage both the ASD community and general populous. We especially value the open, relatable and interesting topics this magazine offers. Amazing graphics and lay out. Outfox would make a great addition to schools and home libraries! 

Autism Durham Advocacy and Support Group

A happy, happy magazine!

– S. K. An Outfox Reader

I believe that this magazine will not only appeal to autistic children but to all students, making it a truly inclusive publication. Well done! My hope is that this magazine becomes a mainstay publication in all schools.

– D. G. Elementary School Teacher, Bowmanville, ON

I love it! My son will enjoy getting his own mail. I’m getting him a subscription for his birthday.

– A. B. Parent of an eight-year-old autistic boy

The magazine is upbeat with positives throughout . . . It is well done. The Peer Advisory Team testimonials are spot-on. What great, positive comments for readers in the Spectrum to digest and make their own.

– S. T. Retired Teacher, TDSB

I love it — my son will love the comics and will really enjoy his own mail! I am getting him a subscription for his birthday.

– A. B. Mother of an 11-year-old boy with autism

When is the next issue coming out? I love Poquito!

– R. G. Reader aged-12

I didn’t explain the premise to him — but he started reading and then (voice rising to a fever pitch) I heard  “Mum! LOOK! She’s autistic like me!” 

He was just beaming with recognition. My heart!

– M. T. Mother of an eight-year-old autistic child

Outfox helped me to understand my autism. It helped me feel a lot better about myself. I love the comics and I like reading about the ASD superstars. It makes me feel good about the ways I am different. Every autistic kid should read Outfox!

– G.T., Outfox Reader aged 10

THANK YOU! Where do we even begin to say thanks? Outfox Magazine came along right when our family needed it and helped our little boy to find his confidence in all the amazing ways he is unique.

My son devours every page, every photo, every word, and every story of hope in Outfox. It is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Thanks to all of you for the vision and hard work that makes it possible.

– a happy family in Durham, ON

There is such HEART that goes into this! You can tell. Thank you!

– L.R. and several other subscribers

Ooooooooohhhhh! My favourite issue so far!!!! IEP! Search for Calm! Coding on Scratch! My son has been coding like crazy on Scratch all summer and wrote HTML for a blog this summer. He’s only 7. He’s going to freak out over this issue!! Amazing job!

– A.R., mother reader aged 7.

A lot of autism families here . . .  this is going to be great for schools, honestly.

– J.M., Teacher, NL

There is nothing like it out there.

– A.P., Social Worker and several others

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